Fresh Products
from our agricultural field to your distribution center.
We are a company compromised with theproductions in the agricultural fields and this way to be always able to offer to our   clients quality products, offering to them a pursuit and incomparable service from the harvests, packing, transfer, crossing on border and delivery of our products.

Our products

In all our cultivation programs we used only permit fertilizer and quimics and we have  extreme precaution to use the products allowed by theregulatory organisms.
We are a socially responsible company that supports straight agricultural producers, always taking care of the conditions of production and the environment.
Diverse organisms, national andinternational, guarantee our practicesfaced to the quality of our products

Competitive advantages:

We are a company 100 % agricultural, relate straight to its fields of production in Mexico being able to offer to our clients an excellent innocuous quality product.
We are not provided with direct intermediaries.
We are employed at the agricultural branch for more than 10 years in Mexico, have developed and improved different skills from the field, sowing, packing, commercialization, resources management and exportation of productsto the United States and Canada.
In October, 2012 we open the company of commercialization in USA, to offer an integral service to our clients from field up to the delivery point of the goods.
We are provided with offices and packings of production in the States of Puebla, Veracruz, Tabasco, Tlaxcala in order to be alwaysable to offer an excellent quality and wide variety in the products that we produceand commercialize the whole year.
We are provided with a central sales office for the United States and Canada in McAllen, Texas, USA. Another office that we have it’s in Chicago, Illinois to attend the north part of USA. This in order to maintain with our clients a direct relation with our company.
We are provided with cycle closed from production–packing-commercialization in most of our products.

Productive Cycle

El Proceso


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